Medical Cosmetology-KJX Heat Therap



Power:   AC 110V~220V

Power:   Consumption 50W

Weight:  4.3kg

Size:       330 x 250 x 170 (mm)

Body Handle Probe Area:             90mm

Face Handle Probe Area:             48mm

Trigeminal Handle Probe Area:   48mm

A product which is developed by precision technology, Ceramic Moxibustion made of Far-Infrared elements which can continuously 

penetrates far infrared ray into the body when heating and thereby will improve fatigue, restore vitality and form a resonance effect 

with body's water molecules, promote blood circulation and the metabolism, make you feel warm, thoroughly release your stress and 

restore your vitality.

Product Characteristic

  • Special Far - Infrared Material

  • Adjustable Temperature 30-70°C

  • Suitable Part of Body

  • Groove design can obedience skin, can make use of fit small area of body

  • Special trigeminal massage head, simulate the thermo-press massage effect, use in acupuncture points, meridian, lymph

  • Round beads design can improve the massage effect, make use of fit big area of body 

  • Thermal Therapy Deeply Relaxing

  • Far - Infrared Deeply Detox

Made in Taiwan
Using Non-toxic Material


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