Medical Cosmetology-Table top bio micro current phototherapy Instrument


Table top bio micro current phototherapy Instrument

Material:      ABS、#304 stainless steel

Power:         AC100V ~ 240V

Weight:        5.4kg

Size:             23 x 22 x 18 (cm)

Combining new LED Diode and Bio micro current,.

Combine 4 different coloes' light conditioning the skin.

Painless, no side effect, and no need convalescence.

Bio micro current able to firm the skin, relieve muscle pain, and promote lymphatic activity.



  • Red light:

​            Wavelength:640nm +/- 10nm

Stimulate cell to produce Collagen, to better wrinkles, pore rough, and swell witch after operation.

           ◎Aim- anetoderma and senescence skin.


  • Blue light:

Wavelength:470nm +/- 10nm

Able to be absorbed by acne vulgaris, destroy bacteria to cure acne, meanwhile blue light can Soothes skin and anti-allergic.

◎Aim- acne and sensitive skin.


  • Green light:

Wavelength:525nm +/- 10nm

Green light can be used in any type of skin.

The Wavelength can balance pigment, reduce fine lines, accelerate wound      healing, and dilute scar.

            ◎Aim- Vasodilation and skin pigmentation.


  • Yellow light:

Wavelength:590nm +/- 10nm

            Stimulate lymph and nervous system to strengthen muscles and immune system.

◎Aim- Improve Lymph circulation.



Made in Taiwan
Using Non-toxic Material

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