about us

Founded in 2010, we aimed to establish a business utilizing the concept of medical biotechnology in the health and beauty industry, operating by cultivating everyone from our manufacturers to our end consumers, to provide the best professional marketing services.



Being a manufacturer of professional health and beauty equipment is the foundation on which our business is based. Utilizing the concept of life sciences and biotechnology, we strive to ensure stable quality and innovative development.



We keep abreast of the latest international information, encompassing various spheres such as biotechnology, medical, health, and beauty. We expect that the products we develop in the future would become the trend leaders that drive the beauty and health industry.

−Core Values−

Kan Jian Xin creates more varied and infinite opportunities.

Being healthy is the basis and the foundation of everything. Being beautiful is an impetus and a essential form. Being beautiful not only requires the conditioning and grooming on the outside, but it also requires one to attend to one's physical health. Being beautiful also gives us the confidence and courage to cope with life, enabling us to cherish our life and health.

At Kang Jian Xin, we also offer opportunities to create wealth. With our excellent service quality and operational mechanism utilized in the broad market space and our business partners’ efforts in promoting Kan Jian Xin's philosophy and its excellent services, we will create a glorious epoch that is both healthy and beautiful.

−Licenses / Permits−

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